Dragons in Towneley Park

The Friends of Towneley Park are raising funds for a Dragon Trail Art Installation in Thanet Lee Woods and are looking for local sponsors.

The idea for the project came about when they were thinking of ideas for their newly formed group ‘Acorns’ which offers nature based family activities in the park. One activity was to follow a story about a little dragon and a picture trail to a ‘dragon’s nest’ in Thanet Lee Woods. The children loved the activity and the story has now been published as a children’s book, ‘Scout’s Tears’, which is available from Towneley Hall shop with profits going to The Friends of Towneley.

The Friends then came across Sarah Francis (S.M.ART sarahmaeart.co.uk) a local artist who produces metal sculptures incorporating scrap metal, she had already made a little dragon so they contacted her and she agreed to be part of the dragon trail project.

The Friends then received a surprise e-mail from Robin Townley, an American relative of the Towneley family, who had revisited the park for the first time in 34 years. He wanted to offer support for the future and has got the fund raising effort off to a good start by offering a donation, but also, as he is involved in delivering humanitarian aid to the front line in Ukraine, he can supply metal from shell cases which can be incorporated into the dragons, helping to recycling something very destructive into something very beautiful.

The Friends are hoping that local businesses and other group might be interested in sponsoring the trail and possibly having metal from their organisation incorporated into a dragon, giving the trail local ownership.

Whilst fund raising for the main trail the Friends are going to install a mini trail with home made wooden dragons and dragon silhouettes, to give people a taster of things to come, this will be launched later this year at the nature festival.

Anyone interested in supporting the project can contact the Friends of Towneley at fotp1902@gmail.com