About Friends of Towneley Park

Towneley is owned and managed by Burnley Borough Council (BBC) and is the largest and most popular park in Burnley.

The main entrance is within a mile of the town centre and the park extends to the south east, covering an area of some 180 hectares (445 acres). At the southern end of the park is Towneley Hall, Burnley’s art gallery and museum. To the north are golf courses and playing fields and to the south 24 acres of broadleaved woodland. On the southern boundary is a working farm called Towneley Farm with pastures and plantations extending eastwards into Cliviger.

There is a detailed account of the park on the Burnley Borough Council web-site where you can download a map of the park and the Towneley Park Management Plan. The Friends of Towneley Park meet four times a year. An agenda is produced for each meeting and minutes taken. The remit is mainly park management issues organised in conjunction with the Towneley Park Officer. There are opportunities to work on a variety of activities that help to ensure the Park facilities are being constantly improved and events are arranged to help raise funds, and provide public enjoyment of the history and facilities in the Park.

Green Flag Award

The improvements to the park are measured in terms of the Green Flag Award® benchmark national standard. Full details of the standard can be found on the Green Flag website. A park may be awarded a Green Flag if it is judged to meet the standard. The standard is based upon 8 key criteria – essentially defining a welcoming, safe and clean park that will continue to remain so in the future. An important aspect of the standard is a high level of community involvement with the park being promoted as a community resource.

Towneley has held Green Flag status since 2008 and the Council aims to maintain Towneley’s Green Flag status annually. The Friends Group has a number of important roles to perform in assisting that aim but the criteria most involving the Friends Group is Community Involvement. The Friends help to identify the need for more and better recreational facilities for all sectors of the community and more importantly look for funding to provide those facilities that would otherwise be absent.