Queen’s Park

Getting here

  • Walking or cycling.  Thompson Park is easily reached via the Brun Valley Greenway from Burnley Central Train Station and there are entrances to the park on Ormerod Road, Colne Road or from the Leeds/Liverpool Canal.
  • Train. The nearest station is Burnley Central Station
  • Full address. 
  • Google map of the park

What to see

  • Arboretum
  • Italian Gardens
  • Brun Valley Forest Park – link to map

What to do

  • Description of Burnley Leisure Trust Activities, pictures and links.  Paul Foster/Claire Newton/Janet Roundell
  • Skate ramp
  • Toddlers cycle track
  • Description and pictures of play area.  Sean Kerr/Carly Glover


  • Summary copied from the management plan on Burnley Borough Council website


  • Do’s and don’ts signage
  • Why is the park closed?  In exceptional cases the Council must close the park, for example, when there are high winds and there is a risk of damage to trees.